How to insert image at

sylar-heroesthis is a procedure how to insert image into your post at, i’ve just reveal it moments ago 🙂

1. Write new post

2. From post menu bar click “Add an Image” button if you have never upload any image to your image library. Accepted image in is JPEG and GIF, which mathematically compacted. Some explanation regarding image availability can be found at wordpress help menu.

3. After clicking “Add an Image” there is two option to insert image :

-first option is upload from your computer, if you choose this method, simply browse image file from your machine.

-second option is by entering URL link of your image.

Whatever option you’ve chosen, then you should decide where the image will have it’s position, center, left, right or bottom. choose one of those option.

4. Upload! then you will find that your image appear in you post (surprise!)

3 responses to “How to insert image at

  1. Mr Hendri piye kabare..? kemana aja nich koq ga pernah terelihat di BTU cileungsi..?

  2. sometimes when I upload images, they need to be rotated? Not sure why they upload and change position? Any idea how to fix?

  3. @ jasonschaeffer

    All images inserted to the post will be the same as the origin. even sometimes it will be converted into smaller size, if you would like to. for your case, i think you need to check that it has been fixed in the proper position before upload, because so far i think that wordpress never automatically rotate your image during upload process.

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