Some healthy diet tips from the expert!

In the case of  reducing my weight, I got a simple healthy tips from Reader Digest magazine issued at september, that mean last month, which simply we can do in our daily life.  I think it is valuable for us, espescially me of course, and others who are facing a problem of extraweight, overweight, or even morbid obesity! Read it carefully, and after that as saykoji say in their new song ‘jangan ngomong aja, ayo diet diet diet!!’ hahaha,,, enjoy!

1. Dont Talk.  To burn fat, at least half of your 30-minutes cardiovascular workout needs to be at high intensity-that is, strenuous enough that you can hold a conversation.

2. Forget sit-ups! nah lo!, there are much more effective ways to strenghten your stomach muscles. Lunges, Push-ups and Squats actually produce abdominal muscles more efficiently and more quickly.

3. Push a bit harder. nothing changes if nothing changes. kerja lebih keras oiyy!!

4. Eat six meals. this is heard lil bit weird.. aneh. koq disuruh makan enam kali sehari? ternyata, makan dikit2 tapi sering can help you reducing weight.

5. Watch your drinks. this is fact, listen, three cafe lattes with whole milk is equal to 700 calories (six slice of bread), while a glass of orange juice have the same calories as three oranges. the best advice: GO GO H2O! hohoho! mik aer putih gan!

6. Snack time. when i feel hungry i go for fruit or yoghurt. humm, its nice advice 🙂

7. Take a multivitamin with food. or you will get nausea.

8. Acidophilus in your diet. Acidophilus ni semacem minuman probiotik. tau kan?

I also read an article at Dewi Lestari website, about our requirements of fat protein is only 3%, but today we eat more than 30% because of: global conspiracy. Do you believe it? Go checkout that link and drop some comment.  She has actually changed my mindset of Eating!

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